Updated September 27th, 2019

We have 3 charcoal kittens available now and one more litter due this week! The charcoal kittens have not been genetically tested for charcoal and I can also see brown coming in. I think they could be brown spotted charcoal.


Female "Inky spots"

This girl is spunky but easy going. You can see the contrast with her bold markings. More pics on request. $750.00



Male "Hank"

Hank is also laid back. He's still fuzzy but he will get there. He's got a really nice head and profile. $550.00



Female "Lilly"

She's got it all! kittens with this kind of body type have that famous gait inherited from the Asian Leopard. I love her wild head, profile and white expression, tail set and on and on. I would place her as a pet but would really like to see her go to a program who could use her genetics. $1,250



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Our kittens are always spayed/ neutered prior to being  placed in their new homes at about 12 weeks. They will be current on vaccinations, Vetted several times and be clean of all parasites including micro organisms that can cause diarrhea, especially when the kitten leaves for their new home and can become stressed. We stand behind our kittens and offer a three year warrantee (see contract). We are always glad to show our cattery and give people who have never owned a bengal, a good idea of bengal antics and what to expect when you have one sharing your home. Most of our pets range in price from $850.00 to $1,000.Sometimes a very special kitten can cost a little more, these kittens are not born everyday and there is a high demand for perfection.


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