Updated January 11, 2017



GRC Bengalislandcat Jamaican Me Happy

PK-Def Normal N/N

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We sincerely thank Donna Haynes for this handsome young boy, the future of Cascade Rim Bengals. Happy was named while at Bengalislandcat and because his name is so fitting, it stayed with him!  This kitten has so many outstanding traits, not by accident, but from good solid genetics. Happy's sire Obsidian Oasis, was the third best bengal kitten in the world  while residing at Jungletrax bengals with Anthony Hutcherson. Oasis also produced the 2015/2016 TICA best shorthair cat of the year, Jungle Trax Justified Prestige, also the highest scoring cat in Bengal history. If you are looking for a special bengal kitten, you will want to wait for a kitten out of Happy. He will match up very well with all our girls. Happy earned his Grand Champion title in his first adult show last month at just 8 months old, such a joy to show and be around.   


Dadaelis Dupree

PK-Def Normal  N/N 

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Dupree has been a wonder stud for us but he is now back with Marilyn at Dadaelis Bengals...  


DGC Spotagious Austin City Limits

Aka Jaspur

PK-Def Normal  N/K


Jaspur was our first Bengal nearly 10 years ago. We still have him and he's still as colorful and contrasted as when he was a yearling. 

Sire: RW SGC Empurrz TG Big Thrill of Spotagious
Dam: Merkaba Mirage of Spotagious



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